Vivien Roubaud

Galerie In Situ

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view


Vivien Roubaud
Hp deskjet, ordinateur, wifi, pièce de moulinet, ressort, deux-cent-vingt volts, 2010-2015
Unique artwork
© Rebecca Fanuele


Gallery In Situ is pleased to present Vivien Roubaud?s first solo show.
Born in 1986, he recently graduated from the Villa Arson (National School of Fine Arts at the Villa Arson), in Nice, France. He obtained the Emerige Révélation award in 2014.

Vivien Roubaud defines himself as a «general handyman» : he selects and collects products gone to wast and fixes, combines and hybrids them to obtain «non-productive» machines, which are still animated thanks to the technical protocols that enabled their creation. Disfunction is a creative force, technologies are deconstructed to become techne, media: pieces from refrigerators and air conditioners produce an ice sculpture; a divided printer marks the floor, deconstructs the layout, changes its repositories; a crazy electric wire, dancing in space, animates some neons ... Frantic works, which find their «balance in catastrophe».

Extract from press release for the exhibition "Watt", La Station, 2012

In parallel to this exhibition, Vivien Roubaud participates to the second edition of Sèvres Outdoors, in the city of Ceramics.
From May 20 to October 25, 2015