The Weight of Scars, 2015
The Weight of Scars, 2015

Otobong Nkanga
The Weight of Scars, 2015
Woven textile and Photography, inkjet print on viscose, wool, mohair, bio cotton and laser cut forex 10 plates
253 x 612 cm
Edition of 3 ex + 1 AP
© M HKA & photoclinckx - Anvers


Nkanga has produced a new set of tapestries for her exhibition at M HKA, which take her drawings and re-presents them large-scale.These tapestries develop out of the drawing Crisis Nkanga made in 2009. In the work two bodies are seen pulling on different elements. The original drawing and these tapestries capture the duality of the two bodies, locked in a tug of war over a section of the same resources. The tapestries also incorporate smaller photographic images. The shifts in scale between these images and the tapestries, in relation to the warying scales of all the other exhibited works, are configured to physically draws us in to the act of zooming in and out of these works.