Archéologie contemporaine 2, 2003
Archéologie contemporaine 2, 2003

Meschac Gaba
Archéologie contemporaine 2, 2003
Glass table, two resine ball, objects and interactive hardward installation
Exemplaire N° Pièce unique et pour le logiciel ed:2/2 +1EA


In these subtle manipulations, Gaba likens
the parading of his ?contemporary objects? to sarcastic dissimulations. This equally applies to a selection of everyday objects (
Contemporary Archaeology, 2003) that he buried in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 2002, and which were then excavated and exhibited a year later, following the usual process of a dig to parody the myth of the found object. The objects were aged artificially, with the same patina that is sometimes applied to urns or other African artefacts to satisfy the potential cus- tomer?s desire for authenticity. The artist gives his own trick an ironic twist, making antique objects and inviting the public to playfully find the ?hidden? objects by using interactive software.

Text Francesca Cozzolino