Fin de représentation, 2000
Fin de représentation, 2000

Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil
Fin de représentation, 2000
Installation photographique, 50 tirages lambda, encadrés
Unique artwork



    The aim of Fin de représentation (no more representation) is to organise the disappearance of every appearance of a given individual - Sandrine B., aged 26 - in photographs and videos, from the day of her birth to the making of the work.


    The exhuastive search for images in which she might appear began by drawing up a detail list of all the events in which the subject took part that may have been photographed of filmed. Everyone likely to own a photograph of the young woman was contacted. Once the images had been collected, the figure of Sandrine B. was balcked out in each one. No other part of the photograph was changed.


    This visual disappearance was inspired by the story of a young West German woman who went into hiding in the 1970s in order to engage in terrorist armed struggle. Before doing so she stole all the photographs in which she appeared owned by her family and friends, making it impossible for the police to identify her or put out a wanted poster.


Catalogue Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil : "Include me Out",  MAC/VAL Museum Edition