HS 6403.99, 2007
HS 6403.99, 2007

Haifeng Ni
HS 6403.99, 2007
Nickel plaqué de bronze, écran LCD, video, 1 min
50 x 50 x 10 cm
Exemplaire N° ed de 3 + 1EA


The piece consists of a pair of aluminium shoes and s small LCD screen that shows video images of a burning leather shoe.

The title "Category 640399" refers to the Abbreviation of Commodities, which codifies and categorizes all commercial trade objects.

640399 is described as Other Leather Shoes-footwear, outer sole rubber etc./ leather upper Nesoi. Chinese exports of Category 640399 to the EU market increased 681% in 2005, which provoked an outcry by Western shoes manufacturers who urged the EU government to curb imports of this item. Italian shoe manufacturers issued a declaration on their refusal to outsource their products, which are generally regarded to be part of the ultra-luxury brands culture.

In their declaration they reinstated Made in Italy and Made in France as signifying unsurpassed Unique Quality. In 2005 a large quantity of imported Chines shoes was set on fire in Spain by outraged shoe retailers and manufacturers.