Every Leaf Is an Eye  | Otobong Nkanga
Göteborgs Konsthall - Sučde

Around the world, conflicts arise over the right to forests, agricultural land, minerals and waterways, where local people are displaced due to often reckless land development. Winter's group exhibition Every leaf is an eye to this long history of colonial violence. It highlights how various local, political and historical events are intimately linked in a global struggle for the worlds of life that are threatened to be eradicated by the exploitation of corporations, states, and colonial powers.

The exhibition Every leaf is an eye borrows its name from an article collection by Sara Lidman and is inspired by its poetic and direct depiction of the relationship between local and global freedom struggles. The exhibition presents artists and artists who deal in various ways with the relationship between politics, land, ecology and human rights. All in all, the exhibition enables a dialogue between geographically diverse geographies such as South Africa, Arctic Canada, Sápmi and Namibia.

By showing how people, memories, cultures and life today, in the past and in the future are affected by the progress of exploitation, the exhibition presents the art in relation to collective activism and highlights the politics of power, violence and justice.

Performing artists: Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria / Belgium), film collective Isuma (Canada), Anders Sunna (Sweden) & Michiel Brouwer (Sweden / Netherlands) and Simon Gush (South Africa)

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412 56 Göteborg