Fredrikson / Estate
Untitled, 1965
Untitled, 1965

Lars Fredrikson / Estate
Untitled, 1965
Tissu vinyle, peinture argentée et plastique sur bois
40 x 30 cm
Unique artwork
Signé et daté
© Rebecca Fanuele
Galerie in situ - Fabienne Leclerc, Paris & Lars Fredrikson - Estate




In 1966 Lars Fredrikson executed specific spray-paint series painted in shades of gray, blue, and silver, clarifying the gestural abstraction that he had strated to practice in the late 1950s. Certain organic formal aspects were obtained in the negative, however, by spraying paint onto vegetal elements. The use of aerosol spray, a process that had become widely available commercially since the late 1940s, was booming.


Extract from the text "Bomb Paintings" Catalogue of the retrospective exhibition Lars Fredrikson at the MAMAC in Nice, November 2019 (ed. MOUSSE PUBLISHING 2019, page 17)