Fredrikson / Estate
Untitled, 1965
Untitled, 1965

Lars Fredrikson / Estate
Untitled, 1965
Collage et peinture sur toile
76 x 113 cm
Unique artwork
© Maureen Favre
Galerie in situ - Fabienne Leclerc, Paris et Gael Fredrikson




Between 1963 and 1965, Lars Fredrikson made a series of collages in Vevouil, of which only a dozen still exist. Collecting newsmagazines and pictures, gleaned from the waiting room of his girlfriend Madeleine's speech therapist in Avignon, for example, he deployed dynamic accumulations of visual elements that echoed each other by association or semantic contrast.

When Fredrikson executed this limited series, there were numerous artists manipulating consumer items and images from mass culture; from Wolf Vostell to Robert Rauschenberg, a trend for hailing or criticizing the fetishisms and myths of modern society was in full sway. Pop artists in Britain and America and the Nouveaux Réalistes in France explored this practice, which testified to the advent of a society driven by images and the spectacle.


Based on ideas in which a criticism of consumer society and armed conflicts was emerging, Lars Fredrikson's collages were first shown in 1965 at the Lafare gallery in Avignon. They demonstrate the importance of deconstructing the image in his artistic path.


Extract from the text "Collages", Catalogue of the retrospective exhibition Lars Fredrikson at the MAMAC in Nice, November 2019 (ed. MOUSSE PUBLISHING 2019, page 25)