Remembering Paralinguay, 2000
Remembering Paralinguay, 2000

Gary Hill
Remembering Paralinguay, 2000
1 projecteur, 1 lecteur DVD, 4 hauts parleurs
Exemplaire N° Ed de 6 + 1 E.A



    Remembering Paralinguay is a single-channel video projection work. A woman emerges from a distant point to full close-up while uttering sounds in extreme falsetto. These sounds seem to be of a very primal nature like reminiscences of an ancient signal system. The thin line between language, music, callings, and animal screams underscores the impenetrable nature of the sound.


    Perhaps the passerby is left with the sense of coming upon a place and time where one should not be (or just isn't !) : a parallel reality. The realization leaving one uncomfortably close to an unknown distant past or an acute future, a field of dangerous energy-seeking connection like that of arcing electricity.


Catalogue Gary Hill, Selected Works + Catalogue raisonné, edition Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 2002