Born in 1974, Beer Sheva, IL
Works and lives between Paris, FR & Tel Aviv, IL

"Claire Luna: Amir, you are Israeli, and live and work between Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva. The first time you exhibited in France was two years ago at the Galleria Continua as part of Sphere 9, and in the FIAC fair with Sommer Contemporary Arts. Today, you are presenting your first solo exhibition To Give What Is Due at In Situ ? fabienne leclerc. What reception do you expect from the French public?

Amir Nave: International exposure is a crucial stage in an artist's life and development. It is a phase where a clash between two cultures can reveal a beautiful and fertile bond, and in my exhibition I suggest an additional perspective. It is an invitation to view my reflections and observations about art, coming from a different soil, culture, and life. [...] Paris has inspired me with great thoughts, and a great emotional confrontation. I have only been here for a couple of months, but I feel a deep sadness in the air, the kind of sadness that is associated with romance, solitude and beauty ? a pain that is connected to the history of beauty. Where I come from, the idea of history is entirely different, and so the idea of beauty is too. In Israel I feel no longing. Here, I feel wild. Savage.

: Empty spaces occupy a large part of your works. Also, the exterior is minimally represented (or not at all) perhaps with a horizon that is in fact not always horizontal, and more often evoked symbolically than shown. The outside world is contained in the staging of bodies, in their movement and the material of their flesh. How do you conceive of this surrounding emptiness? You've talked extensively about chaos and the abyss: is emptiness or absence a way of evoking them?

AN: In my artistic research destruction tells me more than construction. I'm not afraid when I'm painting. It is something that I can't really explain. It is to be in another dimension. And the struggle within my painting is connected to the relationship between emptiness and the fullness. There are "full" works and "empty" works. This polarization interests me. For me, emptiness can provoke creativity because it is our way of describing something that we cannot fully conceive of. Emptiness is outside the realm of language."

Amir Nave, Three doors, at the edge of the cliff, interview realized by Claire Luna,
January 2018

Solo exhibitions

Le dernier soupir avant de s'endormir, In Situ - fabienne leclerc, Grand Paris, FR
The Slave Age, Ein Harod Museum of Art, Ein Harod, IL

The Procession, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
Reclaiming George Fahaik, HAMIDRASHA Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Should We Keep the Head, Shin Gallery, New-York City, US
To Give What Is Due, In Situ - fabienne leclerc, Paris, FR

THE BODY IS A BAG OF NEEDS, Art Market Budapest, Booth G003, ST-ART Gallery, HU

Sphéres 9, Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, FR
Introspection, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL
Full to Capacity, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, IL

Nowhere, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, IL

Circus of Pain, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL
Attendance Call, Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Missing, Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, IL

How Much Place Does A Person Need, Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, IL

Remove Before Flight, The Museum Of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, IL

Do You Know How To Fly, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Group exhibitions

Following The End, Shin Gallery NYC, US
Et maintenant, le dessin..., In Situ - Fabienne Leclerc, Romainville, FR
Black Sun, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Naked Soul: Chaim Soutine and Israeli Art, Mishkan Museum of Art | Ein Harod, IL
Stop, exposition collectives des artistes de la galerie, In Situ - fabienne leclerc, Romainville, FR
Young Blood. Old Soul, Baekong Museum, Ulsan, KR
Drawing Attention, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Shin Gallery Pop-Up, with Shin Gallery (NYC), Seoul, KR

The Human Condition Psychological Works from the Serge Tiroche Collections, Budapest, HU

Be Dalet Amot (Indoors), The Kupferman Collection, IL
Ha-Talush (The Rootless Character), Tel Aviv Museum of Art, IL
Open Sketchbooks, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, IL
Re-Seek, Start Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

What's Up, Benno Kalev Collection, Tel Aviv, IL

Feels Like Heaven, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL
Copper Snake, Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL

Yona, Ashdod Museum of Art, Ashdod, IL

Not For Sale, From the Collection of Oded Shatil, Memorial Center Art Gallery | Kiryat Tivon, IL

New Purchases, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, IL
After Two Years, Ramat Gan Art Museum, Ramat Gan, IL

The Right to Protest, Museum On The Seam, Jerusalem, IL
The Fourth Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem, IL
Day Dreaming, Space For Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL
No Instruction For Life, Space For Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, IL

A Way From No Way, Opera Gallery, New York, US
Collection of Benno Kalev, Goron Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
Degenerate Art, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
New Purchases, Ashdod Museum of Art Monart Centre, Ashdod, IL

Near And Apparent, The Open Museum, Tefen Industrial Park, IL
Dirty White, Contemporary Art Space Florentine 45, Tel Aviv, IL
In the Spirit of Things, Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
To Know Fire, Contemporary Art Space Florentine, Tel Aviv, IL

Bread and Roses, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL

Prizes and grants

Osias Hofstatter Prize Ashdod Museum of Art

Mifal Hapais Grant for the Exhibition in Janco Dado Museum

The Isreal Museum, Jerusalem, IL
Herzliya Museum of contemporary Art, Herzliya, IL
Ashdod Museum of Art, Ashdod, IL