Damien Deroubaix - La valise d'Orphée  | Damien Deroubaix
Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

Office of the Exhibition: Joanna Chevalier for its reopening, the Museum of Hunting and Nature Invites Damien Deroubaix, an iconic artist of the contemporary French scene, for a temporary exhibition: the Detorphée suitcase.

Carried away in a world of magic and sacred, the visitor is immersed in a primitive cave carried out by the artist, where are aligned three hundred zoomorphic figurines modeled in different materials (bronze, ceramic ...) and often old of several thousand years. Collected around the Mediterranean basin and collected by Naji Asfar, this Lilliputian set is in the volume of a suitcase.During antiquity, these small statuettes were used for their supposed prophylactic power. Venered, dreaded, sometimes domesticated, the animal was then part of the daily lives of humans and conveyed a strong symbolic load. This collection testifies to crops and disappeared religions where the position held a very different place from the one held by our civilization. For this revolutionary world, Damien Deroubaix invests the entire exposure room by creating a cave adorned with a series of paintings, woodcuts and woodcuts and Sculptures, as to protect these fragile treasures with often nimbed meanings of mysteries. By denouncing the cruelty of humans that threaten the animal, plant and survival of our planet, Damien Deroubaix catapultes these millennial objects towards a current questioning where the man and nature are in interaction.In the courtyard of the museum, the visitor is welcomed. Through the giant bronze reproduction of the Venus of Hohle Fels, taking the deposit which, in mythology, has the power to charm wild beasts. The artist draws his inspiration from the prehistory to resurrect this mother goddess, a symbol of fertility and protection, which gives a note of hope, an opening towards a form of aveil and difficultization.Aus, the d'Iorphée suitcase addresses all kinds of public, expressionism. from Damien Deroubaix opening new prospects for interpretation to the ancient collection.

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