| Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige

"Continuing our researches on the writing of history and the construction of imaginaries, the Discordances/Unconformities project makes use for its own ends of the sub-soil sampling technique known as core drilling. With the help of archaeologists, historians, geologists and graphic artists, and exploring different modes of visual representation, we have sought to tell certain stories about the world. What do we see of the traces of history buried beneath our feet, what of the catastrophes and ruptures? All is levelled, buried, covered over, and everything starts again. This is a recurrent cycle of destruction and reconstruction. We mix, we erase, we re-use the same stone, we destroy. From the detail of the micro to the overall view of the macro, we need these different scales,? say the two artists. In geology, an unconformity is a surface between different strata that marks a break in geological continuity, where sedimentary deposits, for example, have eroded before further sedimentation continued. And a discordance is an angular unconformity. History cannot be read as a process of regular, uniform sedimentation, but as a sequence of ruptures and torsions entailing the mixing together of traces, of ages and civilisations.

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