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Bind, 1995
Bind, 1995

Gary Hill
Bind, 1995
Edition of 5 ex + 1 AP
Courtesy : l'artiste & Galerie In Situ-fabienne leclerc, Grand Paris



    Bind consists of a combined TV/VCR unit bound to an open book by steel cable. The book's pages are pressed against the monitor's screen, covering all but the very edge, where light is seen flickering to the rhythm of words spoken from the book. All silences between sentences, words and syllabes have been truncated, creating a continuous "automated" reading by the monitor's "scan".


    The book, entitled The Humiliation of the Word, by Jacques Ellul discusses the effects of technology, images and television on the discourse of the mind, particularly the relationship between thought and speech.


Catalogue Gary Hill, Selected Works + Catalogue raisonné, edition Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 2002