The Breath From Fertile Grounds  | Otobong Nkanga
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

The Breath From Fertile Grounds is an installation of entirely new work emerging from a research visit to Dublin. Nkanga's interests in architecture and the body, in landscapes, organic growth and exchanges are carefully combined in her different projects. This exhibition has been conceived as a space of remains and revitalisation.

A collage of elements spreads across the gallery, along with a wall drawing and the sculptural intersect that binds the two central pillars around a stone. The bog clashes with the metal and brick work of industry and disused urban waste to highlight resistance and mutualisation. Networked structures propose a constellation of thought in times of transformation and crisis. Twisting and contorting as forms of forced or natural adaptation are made manifest. Decaying fragments and revisited familiar city tropes combine with sprouting moss and lichen in a will for survival.

Printed on cotton cloth, written accompaniments by Doireann Ní Ghríofa and Otobong Nkanga open an invitation to different writers for the emergence of multiple narratives, timeframes and languages throughout the exhibition as shared experiences and fertile grounds.

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