DOCUMENTA 14 - 2017 | Otobong Nkanga
Carved to Flow / Athènes - Kassel

Otobong Nkanga seeks to pervade the complex layers of the traces left by nature, left by humans. She examines ideas of land, home, and displacement. She researches how these notions are connected with memory. She digs into the fabrics of time. She delves into broad historic contexts and present realities. She engages with a wide spectrum of disciplines. She submerges herself in archives, examines raw material, and consults experts. She uses all kinds of media: drawing, installation, video, performance. All to understand how land and its natural resources are entwined with greed, pain, hope, knowledge. How is this reflected in material objects as much as in intangible elements, those wrapped in complicated notions of value and remembrance?

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